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Hi Bert,

Change the sender of the email to ICEEFT Forum rather than WordPress
I know there are multiple ways to attempt this but we have a lot of plugins and I am concerned about breaking something. Where do you pick up the sender from?

The plugin uses the admin email by default (Settings > General). There are several SMTP plugins that let you force the From name and address, so I didn’t make it too obvious on how to change it in bbpnns as well. If you’re not using an SMTP plugin or if yours doesn’t let you configure the sender, you can hook into bbpnns to change it to whatever you want. Put this in your functions.php file, and change the $name and $address variables to whatever you need.

add_filter( 'bbpnns_extra_headers', function($headers, $recipients, $subject, $body){
    foreach ( $headers as &$header )
        if ( preg_match( '/^From:/', $header ) )
            $name    = 'Some Sender';
            $address = '[email protected]';
            $header  = sprintf( 'From: "%s" <%s>', $name, $address );
    return $headers;
}, 10, 4);

Make it quicker to reply to a topic from an email. Clicking on the topic url takes me to a message but there’s no way to reply. Users have to navigate backwards to the beginning of the thread and then scroll down to find the message at the bottom of the thread.

I think you’re using the wrong tag. You should be using [topic-replyurl] and [reply-replyurl] tags to get to the reply form.

You can also take a step ahead and let your participants reply by email (and create topics via email) with the Reply by Email add-on. 🙂