At UseStrict Consulting, you get reliable and high-end WordPress services, from maintenance to plugin development and customization. We are the people behind several free plugins at wordpress.org, including bbPress Notify (No-Spam), among several other premium plugins.

How WordPress Customization Works

We customize WordPress by creating a plugin for your specific needs so you don’t have to worry about losing changes with the next update. We also customize third-party plugins using the same technique. You will never get stuck in a plugin version, or lose changes due to updates.

We are also big supporters of using existing plugins instead of starting everything from scratch, saving you time and money, the very spirit of Open Source Software.

WordPress Care

To ensure that your site is always up and secure, we offer 3 tiers of website care services to give you total peace of mind. After all, your main focus should be your business, not your website. Click here to learn more about our care plans.


Whether you are a WordPress administrator who is more comfortable with installing and setting up plugins and themes, or a junior/intermediate developer who’s having a hard time getting that piece of code to work just right, we’re there to help you out. In fact, the majority of our clients are in one of those two categories, and they’re very happy to have us as a safety net.

Contact Us

If you would like us to customize your WordPress website or build a plugin, send us a message and we’ll get in touch to discuss your project, no obligation.