WordPress Care Services

We know WordPress inside and out, we rock at what we do, and we have your back. With our WordPress Care services, your site can be secure, backed up, up to date and faster than ever. You will never have to worry about technical issues with your site and will be able to focus on your actual business instead. If your site does have trouble, we’ll be there to bail you out – before you even know you need it. Pure and simple.

Not convinced? Keep reading…

WordPress is a great content management system and website platform. It’s simple to install, and you don’t need to be a designer or developer to make it work.

Some site owners assume using WordPress means you can set it and forget it, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Just like you need to top up the windshield wiper fluid, change the oil in your car, and replace your tires from time to time, your WordPress site requires regular checkups and maintenance, too.

Your business relies on your WordPress website and if your site is to run smoothly and securely, and attract the targeted traffic you want, there are minimum maintenance requirements.


A backup can save your bacon in case of any of the following:

“Back up early and often” is the best advice, whether it’s a Word document or your website. It’s not something you can always depend on your hosting company for. 

WordPress needs two types of backups — the database, and the site. The database includes WordPress, plugins, themes, and all the other behind-the-scenes information that makes everything work. The site includes your content.

How often should you back up WordPress? That depends on how often you add new content. If you’re adding new content daily, you should back up daily. If you’re only adding new content once a month, you don’t need to back up as often.

UseStrict ensures your site is backed up daily, to a remote and secure location, so that you can recover your site the same day even if your server has failed or your hosting provider.

Getting hacked is no joke and can leave you tied up with law enforcement in worst cases. Like a lock on the door and an alarm system for a physical business, your web business needs to be secured against intruders as well. Security measures need to be updated on a regular basis as technology changes.

There are three components to security maintenance — the first hardens and protects your site in advance, making it harder for the hackers and scammers to break in. The second is continuous monitoring for new security updates required by your WordPress install. The third cleans up afterwards, in the event of a security issue.

UseStrict handles all three for you – as soon as you sign up we take measures to harden and secure your site against attackers. We then begin to continuously monitor for changes in the security profile of your WordPress site and if there are any changes we will act on your behalf to fix those issues that arise. Sometimes the hackers are ahead of the security releases from WordPress or the plugin authors – in that case we can restore your site from backup – as good as new.

Site Security

WordPress Updates

Periodically, developers will release updates for plugins, themes, and even WordPress itself.

Some will address security issues while others will add or improve functionality. Still other updates are necessary for that plugin or theme to work smoothly with updates in WordPress.

UseStrict will apply security fixes to your site as soon as they are released. Regular updates are handled for you on a weekly basis, backing up first and testing always to ensure that your site is running just as smoothly afterwards as it was before.

Google times how long it takes a page to load and takes this into account when ranking the quality of a page, so if your site — or a page on it — loads slowly, you’ll be penalized in your search rankings. Just like your car needs a periodic tune-up to make it hum along, so does your WordPress site.

A knowledgeable UseStrict specialist will run your site against industry acclaimed performance software and address the issues that get identified.

Once that’s done, properly setting up a site caching system will load the pages in the browser even more quickly.

Fast Pages and Better Search Results

Uptime Monitoring

Imagine you had a bricks-and-mortar business with two locations. You open up the new store in the morning, and your employee opens up the store in the next town over. Your long-time, trusted employee locks the door behind her and leaves the sign turned to “Closed.”

By the end of the day, you’ve been working away, talking to customers, ready for business and your other store is not pulling its weight, it’s closed, and you’ve been too busy to notice.

That’s what it’s like when your site goes down, except often you’re not even aware. You think everything’s fine, and then you wonder why nobody signed up for your newsletter, or bought anything.

UseStrict checks every few minutes to make sure your site is available and running smoothly. If we see a problem we’ll investigate, fix it if we can and notify you what’s happening.

Our Plans

We offer two plans for the services listed above:


$ 35
  • Daily Site + Database Backups
  • Weekly Updates to Plugins, Themes + WordPress
  • Security Hardening
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • WP Rocket
  • Hosting
  • Performance Speedup
  • CloudFlare Integration


$ 52
  • Daily Site + Database Backups
  • Weekly Updates to Plugins, Themes + WordPress
  • Security Hardening
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • WP Rocket
  • Elementor Pro
  • Redis Object Cache Pro
  • Hosting + Free SSL
  • Performance Speedup
  • CloudFlare Integration
Best Value!

* When paid annually