Bulk Package Class Helper for eShop Shipping Extension

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This plugin provides the ability of updating eShop product Package Classes from a CSV file.

It’s as easy as downloading the template CSV containing all your products; adding the Package Class names to the appropriate fields; and uploading the updated file.


  1. Install eshop-shipping-extension plugin from WordPress.org if you haven’t already done so (min. v2.1 required!);
  2. Upload eshop-shipping-extension-package-class-admin.zip to your blog’s wp-content/plugins directory;
  3. Activate the plugin in your Plugin Admin interface;
  4. Go to Settings -> eShop Shipping Extension;
  5. Download the template CSV with all your products;
  6. Modify the file to your liking;
  7. Upload the file as CSV or CSV.zip.


1. Package Class Helper Interface.

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