MQSeries: Getting Started…

For those out there who, like me, can only find MQSeries documentation for those who already know MQSeries, this is the document that I strongly recommend:

MQSeries Primer

It’s pretty old, but has the fundamentals. And speaking of fundamentals, there’s another redbook for MQSeries V6, but I’ll add it here once I’ve read it.

Update:MQSeries Clients

I’ll update this post with more info as I go along.

MySQL: MySQL for starters

In this post I intend to give some pointers to those who are starting with RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) usage. I don’t intend to start any flame wars saying that this or that database is better, but simply to explain a few starter topics and point to some handy URLs. I chose MySQL because that’s what I believe people start with – it’s light, fast, has triggers and subselects, and it also has several options of neat front-ends. Keep reading if this has caught your attention.

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