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      Hey. Love this plugin so any help here would be greatly appreciated!
      Recently setup the RBE extension on our forums and successfully tested multiple messages on a restricted private part of the forum. Today a real message was sent out to the whole forum and one of our subscribers currently has an out of office message automatically replying to their emails. This of course sent the Out of Office message to the forum. Once it posted on the forum, it was then sent out again as another email, thus triggering ANOTHER automated reply. Fortunately, our cron job is only running every 30 minutes so the loop was caught before TOO much spam was sent and we have currently deactivated the Reply by Email plugin so there will be no more email loops.
      Is there anything we can do about intercepting automated emails like this and preventing a loop again? This will likely continue to occur.

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      Hi, and thanks for reaching out.

      I have code in place to skip auto-replies. It checks for specific headers in the message to identify it as an auto-reply. Please send me a copy of the auto-reply in .eml format so that I can investigate why it’s not being captured. You can email it to vinny [at] usestrict [dot] net.


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