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      Carter Lovelace

      Hey gang,

      I just recently purchased bbPress Notify (No Spam) Opt Out and bbPress Notify (No-Spam) – Ultimate Member Bridge to use alongside the bbPress Notify (No Spam) base plugin in order to connect my install of bbPress with Ultimate Member and it doesn’t seem to be working correctly.
      The “Edit Notification Prefs.” button does appear in the gear dropdown in the user profile, but when clicked it just opens the profile editor and the email notification settings tab/options do not show up.

      I’m using one other plugin with bbPress (bbPress Voting), which I don’t expect to send any notifications, and 8 of the premium UM extensions (UM – bbPress, UM – Friends, UM – Online, UM – Private Messages, UM – Profile tabs, UM – Real-time Notifications, UM – User Locations, UM – Verified Users). Tried disabling Profile Tabs to see if that was causing the conflict but it had no effect.

      Currently on a development staging site so I’d rather not share the URL publicly, but let me know if you would like access to the site to take a look.

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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      Hi Carter,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be sending you a message via email so we can discuss the access.


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