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    Ed Broderick


    I have tried to play with the setting in the UPS add on for the Eshop shipping extension, but I am having a hard time getting this to work.

    I need to have my shipping container adjust to the amount of product that is ordered.  They ship fresh sprouts with each item the shipping gets more difficult.  for every 3-4 lbs the box size changes and the weight changes because they have to use ice to keep it fresh while shipping so the more product the more ice (each bag is 1 lb) and different cost for different size container.



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    Hi Ed,

    That’s an interesting conundrum. Let me see if I got it right:

    1. Your product options are actually weight instead of individual quantities;
    2. The client chooses a 1lb option but it’s actually heavier due to the packaging/ice;

    Can’t you simply calculate how much ice per pound is used and set that overall weight for that option?

    If I’m wrong in my assumptions, please send me a link to the site by email so I can have a better idea of what the issue is. vinny [at] usestrict [dot] net


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    Ed Broderick

    Ok, so the customer can order the product in either 1/2 lb or 1lb this is the break down for ice requirements:
    1-2 lbs = 2 ice
    3 lbs = 3 ice
    4-9 lbs = 4 ice
    9-15 lbs = 6 ice
    15-25 lbs = 8 ice
    25 lbs ++ = 12 ice
    each bag of ice is $0.50
    For next day ground they ship in a cardboard box up to 10 lbs and requires 2 ice so that is only 8 lbs of product if it is a 2-3 day shipment they are using a Styrofoam box:
    STYROFOAM Boxes (for 2nd Day GROUND or AIR)
    SMALL $10 4 ice weighs 1 lb. will hold 5 lbs Product
    MED $12 8 ice weighs 1.5 lbs. will hold up to 12 lbs
    LARGE $15 10 ice weighs 2 lbs. will hold up to 20 lbs

    The price is for the ice and container.

    The problem I am running into is that just because one product is ordered that may not change the container until 3 or 4 products are ordered and how they want it shipped. I guess what I need is a way to have the shipping options decide the container that needs to be used (based on total weight of product ordered and shipping time frame). I do not know if this can be accomplished or if I am just not setting up the program with the correct variables.

    Thanks for any help,

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    I’m emailing you my skype info so we can discuss this later today.

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