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      I’ve been trying to set up the eshop Fedex extension – and I get an error message when I’m supposed to choose the shipping: “Sorry, No Rate Details Were Returned. Did you enter a valid address?”

      I did! I promise! I even tried a few different addresses… 🙂

      Where’s my mistake?

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      Hi Angelika,

      There are 2 addresses that you need to check: a) the one in Settings->eShop Shipping Extension->Fedex pane; and b) in the checkout form (either the non-shipping or the shipping fieldsets).

      And also, the address needs to be a valid one. I don’t know how valid (like, up to the number), as this is a Fedex check that is raising the error.

      If you’d like me to have a look, please create an admin account for me and send it to vinny [at] usestrict [dot] net along with the site URL.


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      Hi Vinny

      I found a quirk at the one in Settings->eShop Shipping Extension->Fedex pane: the country dropdown menu is really tiny, does not display the country, and I don’t know what I’m selecting… I’ll send you a screenshot…


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