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      Pam Barry-Santos

      I’ve installed this (and 2 other add-on plugins) on one site and it works fine. A similar site (not identical, but probably 95% similar) does not show the Bridge in the plugins — and we have no opt-out or digest options in the standard profile edit page on that site. We have paid to have this on 5 sites. This is only site 2 or 3 (think it may be installed on a testing site).

      I tried an older version (from February) and the most recent version and there’s no difference.

      I was also going to try re-downloading the plugins (in case something got corrupted), but I don’t see the links to download the files anymore. I see only the latest Bridge, but no the others. We have an active account/subscription.

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      Hi Pam,

      I found that the Digest’s changelog in the update server was failing to unserialize in some cases and moved it to a page on this site instead. That fixed it on at least one client’s site and I believe it should have fixed it everywhere.

      Can you try clicking ‘Check Again’ a couple of times in the update screen to see if you get the latest version? It should be 1.8.1 right now.

      If that doesn’t work, please let me know what version you do have on the servers where it’s not showing.


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