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    Jung Hsien

    I use bbPNNS/BuddyPress Bridge & bbPress Notify (No-Spam) 1.15 in my website.
    Sometimes the topic-url show the ip not domain name in the email when I post new topic or replay.
    Both of my wordpress URL and website URL are set my domain name as well.

    How do I configure the properties and the topic-url in my notify email will show the domain name not the ip ?

    Thanks a lot.

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    Hi Jung,

    That’s really weird. The topic URL is generated by bbpnns (not any of the add-ons) using this line of code:

    $url = apply_filters( 'bbpnns_topic_url', bbp_get_topic_permalink( $post_id ), $post_id, $title );

    As you can see, it will use whatever bbPress returns as the topic permalink, and pass it through the bbpnns_topic_url filter, which may not even exist.

    You should check your database for instances of the IP to see why this would be happening.


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    Jung Hsien

    OK, I try it now.
    Thank you.

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    Jung, is this still a problem? Can I close it as resolved?

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    Jung Hsien

    YES, It works find.
    Sorry late to reply.
    Thank you very much.

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