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Hi Thierry,

So, i’ve found on your site “bbPNNS Private Groups Bridge” to use with “bbP private groups” plugin. I’ve installed both and it’s at this time i lost my head ?

You need to make sure that you set up the private groups correctly. Can you attach some screenshots of your private groups settings?

Actually, even when i only install “bbPress Notify (No-Spam)”, notfication is not sent ! whereas an other plugin (“BbPress Notification”) can send notifications to admin when i activate it !!!

I don’t understand – you said it worked fine before. Did it stop sending when you installed the private groups bridge plugin? Again, it sounds like your private groups settings aren’t correct. When you install the Private Groups bridge, bbpnns (my plugin) will only send notification to the members of the given forum. If you didn’t set up the private groups correctly, then there are no members and nobody gets notified.

As for the other plugin, bbPress Notification, it is unrelated to my plugins.

I’ve saw that when i uninstall all bbpress plugin (“bbPress Notify (No-Spam)” and “bbP private groups”), my preferences are still in memory – so, in base ! It’s not TOP and you’ll better include an option that will permit to delete all informations of your plugin when it will be deleted.

Both plugins come with uninstall.php files. They only get triggered if you actually click delete to delete the plugin, per WordPress functionality. bbpnns deletes all of its options (see below), and the bridge plugin doesn’t save anything to the database at all.

$options = array(

Either you didn’t completely delete the bbpnns plugin, or you’re confusing the default settings with stuff stored in the database. Please elaborate on why you believe the data is being left behind, so I can check for bugs.

What can i do ? i can let you access to my site (tell me what sort of user you want) if you want…

You can create a temporary admin account and I’ll have a look. Please use email address vinny [at] usestrict [dot] net. Make sure you select the option to notify me of the new account.