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Hi Andres,

The problem seems to be within the code where it tries to look for the message that it sent. However, when testing the actual connection, it works fine. The API key is only necessary to get updates and support – it will not block the plugin from working.

The best way to fix the API key connection is as follows:

* Go to Admin > Settings > bbPress Notify (No-Spam) Reply by Email
* Click the License tab
* Click the checkbox to deactivate the API key
* Click Save Changes
* Check your my-account to see if it still shows 0 (it should)
* Enter the API key and product ID in the license tab
* Ensure that the deactivate checkbox is not checked
* Click Save Changes
* Check the screen for the success/error messages
* Refresh the my-account to see if it’s showing the right count.

If this still doesn’t work, please try deactivating/reactivating the plugin again and re-submitting the API key.