Recursion with Perl and CDS

Update: Changed subroutine to comply with Perl Best Practices

Update2: Removed the prototype from the subroutine.

I’ve always had a problem with recursion. Not with the general theory that a function will call itself, etc – no, that’s easy. The hard part was when I had to deal with complex data structures in Perl (an array- or hashref containing a hash of arrays of hashes, a gazillion levels deep). Well, I guess anyone would have a hard time with that kind of data.

Anyway, in this post I don’t intend to get all complicated explaining all the kinds of recursions out there. If you want that, check this article at wikipedia. What I do want to do is help all of those who are in the situation I was in, by explaining in the simplest way possible how to deal with this scenario. Continue Reading…