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I worked with Aaron yesterday and released UPS v2.0.1 with a fix for Delivery Confirmation when shipping from the US to the US.

Some troubleshooting steps when UPS doesn’t show any options:

  • Make sure eShop -> Shipping -> Shipping Mode is set to 4
  • Check that eShop -> Shipping -> Weight units is set correctly (UPS from US only accepts lbs)
  • Turn on debugging under Settings -> eShop Shipping Extension and look at the response XML for the error message
  • Make sure that the products you added to the cart have the weight set up. Passing “0” as weight to UPS API raises an error.

Version 2.0 of eSE and the extension modules broke the ability for errors to be displayed on the form, but they’re being saved in the server logs and also in the response XMLs. I’ll be releasing a fix for the front-end form shortly.