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  1. I purchased the UPS module a few days ago. The setup and installation was a breeze (like most WP plugins), but when I tried to get live quotes from UPS things were not working. At that point I checked and double-checked my work making sure that I generated the Access code properly, and followed the directions perfectly.

    I’m pretty stubborn and like to figure things out myself but I realized right from the start that this wasn’t going to be something I could do on my own. It was at that point that I posted on the usestrict.net forum asking Vinny for help.

    Within an hour or so ( I’m sure it would have been faster if he hadn’t been in a meeting 🙂 I had email and a post waiting for me telling me how to get in touch with Vinny. I was so relieved because you never know when you purchase a plugin what type of support you are going to get.

    Long story short Vinny sorted out the problem in no time! He even pushed out a new version of the plugin to address the problem-now that is service!

    I think the best part of this story and the thing I’m most impressed is that he even gave me some suggestions on how I could optimize my store.

    I know I’ve said it a ton of times already but thanks again for the awesome service Vinny!

  2. Well, I have purchased the USPS module, and honestly I was satisfied from the very beginning because all its functionalities were the perfect fit to my online business. No to mention that; customer service is excellent in every aspect; (very efficient and professional).
    Once again Vinny, you have not idea how grateful I am to you, thank you very much for your time and for your excellent support.

  3. I purchased the FedEx Module for eShop Shipping Extension not too long ago and when I had a question Vinny responded the same day! To be honest I wasn’t expecting anyone to help me right away but when I saw I had an email from Vinny I was amazed. The customer service I got from him was outstanding.

    Thank you Vinny.

  4. I was using the FedEx module on a client’s site and ran into an issue. Vinny responded within hours and walked me through a few trouble shooting tips. We were able to get the issue resolved within a few minutes and fixed the issue. I was extremely pleased with the level of customer service and really appreciate it!

  5. Purchased the USPS module and it worked fine, exceot for a minor glitch I wanted. Vinny went above and beyond to help me out and improved / customized the module for my purposes.

    Thanks again and the level of customer service is way above the norm for this industry.
    Jim B.

  6. Awesome help and product! I used the eShop Coupons Plus plugin and it’s exactly what I needed! Great stuff. Thanks Vinny!

  7. I used both eShop Per-Product Free Shipping and UPS Module for WordPress eShop Shipping Extension. Great plugins, great service, amazing support! I’m very much impressed. Hats off to you Vinny! I appreciate everything. Thank you so much!

  8. Vinny is awesome! I needed both notifications and moderation of topics and replies. Using bbPress Notify (No Spam) and another bbPress plugin for moderation, I soon realized only one or the other would work at the same time. After posting a question to the bbPress Notify (No Spam) plugin, I was totally impressed that Vinny actually went ahead and created an add-on to solve my problem! This will be so helpful now and for future projects. Thanks again! Very much appreciated!

  9. We’re using the BBPress Notifications (No Spam) plugin with our BBpress install, and it works great. When we needed help getting it configured – Vinny was right there with help and tech support and he stayed with it until he got the problem figured out – which of course, had nothing to do with the plugin itself – it was a configuration issue elsewhere in the site. Vinny was attentive, responsive, and willing to go the extra mile or three to get us up and running. I would not hesitate to buy more plugins from UseStrict – it’s some great code backed by even better support. Thanks Vinny!

  10. We’re running several of the BBPNNS plugins on an active paid membership site with several hundred users. Vinny offered critical support while our site grew rapidly and we were adding features, upgrading servers, and expanding our team. He helped us navigate everything from plugin settings to account integrations to troubleshooting issues that were not even in the plugin itself. He was instrumental in getting everything worked out so that our site delivered the user experience we wanted. We couldn’t have done it without his plugins and support. Thanks for all your support, Vinny!

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