bbPress Notify (No-Spam)

bbPress Notify (No-Spam) (bbpnns, for short) lets you send out notifications of new topics and replies to all members of any given role. You can select a set of options for new topics and another for new replies.


It has so many filters and actions that it can be extended in just about any way imaginable. So much so that I’ve released several add-ons that hook into it:

As well as integration add-ons for the more popular membership/privacy plugins:

bbPress Subscriptions

As of version 1.12, you can replace bbPress’ Core Subscriptions notifications with the templates set up in bbpnns. This also means you get the benefits of Digests and Opt-Out (if you have the add-ons) for core subscriptions as well as regular bbpnns notifications.

HTML/Plain Text Messages

As of version 1.14, messages are sent out as HTML, with an automatic plain text version. The message template editor is the same WYSIWYG editor used for WordPress.


Feel free to download and install it directly from the plugin repository: It is being used in over 5000 sites and counting!