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Reply by Email is an add-on for bbPress Notify (No-Spam) (a.k.a. bbpnns), which allows people who receive notifications from bbpnns to simply reply to the email and have it show in the forum.

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You know how you’ve always wanted to be able to simply reply to a new topic/reply notification and have it show up in the forums? Well now you can!

Reply by Email is an add-on for bbPress Notify (No-Spam) (a.k.a. bbpnns). It allows people who receive notifications from bbpnns to simply reply to the email and have it show in the forum.

Here are some of the features:

  1. It works with Gmail/Hotmail/Outlook, or any other POP3/IMAP email provider that supports “plus aliases” (those dynamic aliases where you can add +anything to your email address and have it deliver to the same inbox).
  2. When selecting a non Gmail/Hotmail/Outlook account, we’ll test “plus alias” support for you.
  3. Two options to check your inbox for messages: Webhook and WP Cron. Use the Webhook with IFTTT, Zapier, or a real Cron Job for best control of the mail check frequency.
  4. We’ll check for new messages only, but you can also set it to delete read messages to keep your inbox clean.
  5. Choose whether to allow HTML messages or just Plain Text. You can also include image attachments and, if using HTML messages, inline images for the new posts.
  6. When allowing Plain Text messages, inline images will not get lost, but placed at the end of the message along with any other attached images.
  7. Image attachments are uploaded to the Media Library and attached to the newly-created reply.
  8. Control individual- and total image sizes in each message.
  9. Optionally integrate with bbPress Subscriptions.
  10. The post author is the user who replied to the message. For security, we do not allow anonymous replies.
  11. Optionally enable new Topics by email.

Don’t waste time and start enabling replies by email for your forum participants now!

Minimum Requirements: PHP v7.1 WordPress v4.0, bbPress Notify (No-Spam) v1.17 or greater.

WARNING: This may not work on Bluehost shared servers with IMAP and Gmail, as they sometimes block outgoing communication with Gmail’s servers. You can learn more about the issue here.


1 review for bbPress Notify (No-Spam) – Reply by Email

  1. Jing Gu (verified owner)

    We are building a platform to serve a special audience, the stroke and brain injury survivors. Many of our users suffer 2 problems: 1) logging into a forum to post can be very daunting. 2) they do not type well because of aphasia and other impairments. We have been working with Vinny since this solution was first rolled out. I have nothing but great things to say about this solution and how Vinny has been working to improve it. I could not recall how many times he went in to help solve issue specific to us. These are not issues caused by his solution, but how we configured and installed his solution. His product works flawlessly. There is simply no substitute for what Vinny has delivered. To the community we build to serve, this solution is crucial. A forum is a great way to connect people with special needs. But to our audience, without what Vinny built in this Reply by Email addon, a forum is simply not usable. Thank you Vinny for what you did.

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