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    Hi Vinny, I’m using the UPS module for a client offering virtual services. All services are virtual so no shipping is required except for these swatches as product options.

    For example:
    SERVICE A @ 100 —> free shipping
    SERVICE A + swatches @ 150 —> with shipping

    How do I setup the shipping (both with and without shipping) in this case? Help?


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    Hi Vern,

    The only way I can think of solving your particular case is to use the eshop_is_shipfree filter with a custom method that will decide whether shipping is free or not.


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    Ok, custom method, so you mean I have to tweak the plugin to allow the shipping rates per product option?


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    You don’t have to tweak the plugin. The filter I mentioned comes with eShop. My plugins just hook into it to decide whether UPS will or not be called.

    A while ago I set up a plugin that can handle what you need.

    With this plugin, all you have to do is set up a package class called ‘free’ and assign it to the Product or Product option that you don’t want shipping for.

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    Hi Vinny

    The Free Shipping is working ok for per Product but I cannot make it work on per Product Option (which is what I need).

    On the eShop Shipping Extension setting, Package Options, I selected “Per Product Option” and I created class “Free”. I put “0.1” on Length, Width, and Height as 0 is not accepted. On the Product Entry, I assigned the “Free” class on options that doesn’t need shipping. When I tested it, the product isn’t showing so I added another class “wShipping” for the options that needs shipping. The product then appeared but on Checkout, even the options with Free class are showing the shipping options instead of the message saying free shipping.

    Did I missed anything?


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