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      Jamie Furlong

      Hi Vinny,

      I’m not even sure if this is something that your plugins cover or not but on your recommendation I installed WP Crontrol. Whilst I manually add new user accounts to WP I want to disable the immediate forum notifications until we are ready to launch, but want to tick the box within Digests that says ‘send immediate notifications’. That is, when we’re ready, everyone gets immediate notifications but until that time, pause the cron job that runs this.

      Any clues on how to go about this?

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      Better than pausing the cron job is to turn on dry run until you’re ready. In your functions.php file, add the fllowing:

      add_filter( 'bbpnns_dry_run', '__return_true', PHP_INT_MAX );

      That’ll stop all notifications.


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      Jamie Furlong

      Thanks for that, Vinny. Will that stop all digest settings too (daily, weekly etc)?

Viewing 2 reply threads
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