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      Jamie Furlong

      Hi Vinny,

      I’ve noticed that new subscribers are not getting immediate updates from the forum, even if they select the option in their Buddypress settings.

      Is this because I also have to set this in No Spam settings? That is, tick the Default Instant Forum Notifications? Does this have to be ticked first, and then the user can over-ride this default setting under BuddyPressprofile/edit/group/1/?

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      Hi Jamie,

      The checkbox for ‘Default Instant Forum Notifications’ is what new users get when they are registered. If it’s not checked, then they won’t be getting instant forum notifications until they change that.


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      Jamie Furlong

      Right, so it doesn’t matter what I select in the back end (checked or unchecked), a user can over-ride this by making their own selection in the front end, correct? And that’s the problem, even if they make this selection, they are still not getting immediate updates.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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