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    I have everything setup and all the connections are made, but for some reason this feature isn’t working.

    [provider] => gmail
    [type] => imap
    [host] =>
    [port] => 993
    [ssl] => SSL
    [recipient] => ***REDACTED***
    [username] => ***REDACTED***
    [password] => ***REDACTED***
    [delete_read_messages] =>
    [last_message_epoch] => 0
    [allow_images] =>
    [allow_html] =>
    [max_upload_size] => 100
    [max_upload_unit] => KB
    [max_upload_total_size] => 300
    [max_upload_total_unit] => KB
    [smtp_host] =>
    [smtp_port] =>
    [smtp_ssl] => NO
    [smtp_auth] => 0
    [smtp_username] =>
    [smtp_password] =>
    [check_method] => wordpress
    [check_frequency] => 5
    [trigger_url_key] => ***REDACTED***
    [subscription_integration] => bbpnns
    [is_complete] => 1
    [server_port_accessible] => 1
    [connection_test] => 1

    Please let me know if there’s anything I’m missing or any more info you need frmo me.

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    Hi Beth,

    The wordpress check method isn’t very reliable. It’s best to set up webhook and IFTTT.

    But let’s go by parts…

    1. Are you getting the notifications in your personal mailbox?
    2. Are you seeing the replies in your rbe mailbox?
    3. Are the replies getting marked as read?


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    Hi Vinny,

    Sorry for the late response.

    I went ahead and implemented a webhook with IFTTT

    I can confirm the following:

    1- Notifications coming in.
    2- Replies coming in to rbe mailbox.
    3- Replies getting marked as read.

    However, I still don’t see the reply posting to the forum. Can you think of a reason why?

    Thank you!

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    Do you see anything in the logs textarea under RBE Settings > Support tab?

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    Hi Vinny,

    Below is the log from a couple of days ago. However, it’s worth mentioning that I’m having a different issue today. When I hit reply from within a ‘Reply-to’ notification. The reply-to email is populating the WP site admin email instead of the RBE email account. Any idea why this is happening?

    For this error log, I’m assuming that allowing HTML might solve the issue. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Summary -> Two issues
    1- Reply-to email showing WP admin email instead of RBE email.
    2- [content] coming in as empty to the log.

    Thank you for your help!

    [29/10/2018 17:46:54] Failed to insert reply: Array
    [data] => Array
    [reply_to] => 17446
    [title] => Re: [Global Doctors for Choice] New topic: test
    [content] =>
    <p>testing testing testing</p>

    [author] => 2153
    [forum_id] => 12555
    [topic_id] => 17446

    [errors] => WP_Error Object
    [errors] => Array
    [bbp_reply_content] => Array
    [0] => ERROR: Your reply cannot be empty.

    [bbp_reply_topic_id] => Array
    [0] => ERROR: Topic does not exist.


    [error_data] => Array



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    Try turning on Allow HTML and let me know how it goes.

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    Hi Vinny,

    Allow HTML is on now. But when I’m hitting reply, the email is being sent to the website administrator now. What can be causing this issue?

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    Can you send me the headers of one of the messages you’re replying to? If it has any sensitive information, feel free to flag it as private or send it to my email address vinny [at] usestrict [dot] net.

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    Hi Vinny,

    I’m sending you the full ‘original message’ text file that should contain all the headers to your email. I’m sending it from mo [at] trueui [dot] com.

    Thanks again!

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