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      Fred Graham

      Hi Vinny,

      Just purchased your Digest plugin and there is a setting for “Instant Forum Notifications” if checked, new users still receive instant notifications when Digests are enabled??? This wording is a little confusing to me. Also, when I look in the profile notification preferences settings it reads: Get notified of new topics/replies as soon as they are created???

      Are these two different things, the wording seem different. I’m just looking for an explanation of what this setting does, how this impacts default bbPress Notify Topic/Reply settings. Also, when I tried to run the “Apply these defaults to all EXISTING users” the Instant Notifications is not checked for some users, is this because they’ve previously unsubscribed?

      Thanks for all your support, your plugins are really going to improve the user experience. Looking for your response.


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      Hi Fred,

      The tool deletes the checked settings for all users, then inserts the new values also for all users. Please double-check your steps. If you can reliably replicate it, please set up the staging site so I can troubleshoot it.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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