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      A couple of weeks ago you helped me get the Digests and Bridge (bbpress, Buddypress) working.

      The digests worked very well, and my participants are pleased. Unfortunately they are not all being delivered now – and I can’t figure out why. I have three user names that I use to test each change we make:

      • gmail account: these are not being received in any folder, and are not in spam. The last one was received on 4/17
      • POP3 account: these are not being received in any folder and are not in spam. The last one was received on 4/17
      • outlook.com (microsoft acct): these ARE being received – last one was received yesterday

      Of course, if my deliveries aren’t all working, then other deliveries aren’t working either. I have gone back to each account to be sure it’s still set up for daily delivery and they are.

      I don’t even know how to troubleshoot this. I’ve read thru the documentation and I don’t see anything that addresses this.


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      Hi Trisha,

      A few things come to mind, but not all of them are simple. Here goes.

      1. Pull up the user IDs for your 3 accounts and keep them handy, you’ll need them for the next step.
      2. Using a database client, look inside the bbpnns_digest_queue table to see if the 3 users are there (be sure to have created a new topic/reply, or checked the ‘Send Notifications’ box in the topic/reply admin screen and click update).
      3. If they’re not there, let me know. If they are, then let’s keep following the items.
      4. For each user, confirm that they’re set to daily notifications, and if you’re using the Opt-out plugin, that they’re not opted out.
      5. Install Advanced Cron Manager (if you haven’t yet) so we can control the mail-outs.
      6. Add the following code to your theme’s functions.php for debugging only:
        add_filter('bbpnns_digest_before_notify', 'my_debug_show_recipients', 10, 2);
        function my_debug_show_recipients( $recipients, $frequency )
            error_log('Recipients/freq: ' . print_r(array('freq' => $frequency, 'rec' => array_keys($recipients) ),1), 3, dirname(__FILE__). '/out.log');
            return $recipients;

        This will print out the list of recipients and the frequency selected when you run the cron job manually via Advanced Cron Manager.

      Look at the contents of the out.log file. It should match the user IDs in the database. Let me know if the IDs of your 3 accounts aren’t in there. If they are, then the issue is after the email is sent, and no longer in the Digests’ plugin realm. Debugging it will be harder and we’ll need to continue via email or skype.


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      Hi Vinny,

      I’m always a fan of simple 🙂 So I did an assessment of my situation and realized that it was far more likely the emails were sending but being blocked somehow than the idea that some were sending and some weren’t.

      So yesterday for my POP3 account I loosened the spam controls – thinking that would perhaps allow the POP3 email to be delivered.

      Then today, at the usual time, I received both the gmail and POP3 emails that have gone missing over the past several days.

      So – now I don’t know what to think because I did nothing to affect the gmail – and it still arrived.

      That said – there’s no sense in spending time going through all your handsprings listed above because first – I don’t really understand them (!) and second – because I’m getting the emails.

      I’ll be back in touch if they stop again. I thank you for being so quick to respond and with actual suggestions – even if I’m not going to use them today 🙂


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      Hi Trisha,

      Do you still need help with this or can I close the ticket?


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