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      Pam Barry-Santos

      We’d like to have the body of each topic and reply in the digest emails, but don’t see an option to do that.

      The shortcodes listed below the digest format don’t have the “content” option that appears below the topic and reply notification emails. The only option is “digest-list.”

      I’ve seen the page about overriding some of the settings in the digest email:
      https://usestrict.net/bbpress-notify-no-spam-digests-documentation/#overridingthedigestshtml. But it doesn’t appear like it addresses the full content of the topics and replies appearing in the digests. Hoping I’m completely wrong about this, though.

      Is this something that can be done?

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      Hi Pam,

      To modify the output of the digest-list tag, you’ll have to use the bbpnns_digest_format_forum_posts hook indeed. The link you mentioned has the format of the parameter passed. Among other things, you get the post_id and post_type (topic or reply) which you can use to fetch the post content and build the digest however you want.

      To get the post content, you can use the bbp_get_topic_content() and bbp_get_reply_content() functions provided by bbPress.

      I hope this helps.


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