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      Hi There,

      My client has purchased Private Groups, Private Groups Bridge and the opt-out add-on. They have asked if users that belong to a private group can still receive notifications from that private forum only when they’ve opted out globally. I’ve tested the scenario and it doesn’t notify them in the private forums.

      Their scenario is a private forum for staff members so they’d like them to always receive private forum notifications regardless of if they’ve opted out of receiving global notifications completely.

      Is this possible?

      I appreciate your help and great plugins! 🙂

      Thank you.

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      Hi Hannah,

      Thanks for reaching out. The Opt-out plugin is designed to stop all notifications from bbpnns.

      A way to achieve what you need is to not use the Role settings in bbpnns, but the Override Core Subscriptions for Forums and Topics and have the users click subscribe to the ones they want to receive.

      Having a list of Forums to block in the Opt-out is actually a good idea. I’ll see to implementing it in the future.


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      Hi Vinny,

      Thanks so much for getting back to me so quick!

      I had suggested that as their alternative but they want to make sure all clients and staff (2000+) automatically get enrolled to the forum notifications with the option to opt-out.

      It would be great to see this in the updates and I’m sure my client will be satisfied with knowing it may be a feature in the future.

      Thanks so much, again!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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