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      I bought the add-on “bbPress Notify (No-Spam)/Private Groups Bridge”.

      by default all members of provate group receive the notification mails.

      Is it possibile for single member to disable to receive the notification mail?

      I try to use “subription” functionality of bbPress but not works: I have a private group “Test Private Group 1” with the members “User1” and “user2”. When “User1” create a new topic “New Topic 1”, both user receive the notification mail. If the “User2” would like to not recive the mail of “Topic 1”, He not setted “subscription” to tobi “New Topic 1”.

      thank you.

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      It sounds like you may also have Roles set to notify your users. That’ll force notifications to all users of the groups that have access to the forums.

      You can try de-selecting the Roles and just enabling the Override Subscriptions options, or you can leave the Roles on and get the Opt-Out add-on, which will let your users choose whether to only receive notifications that they’re subscribed to, or to block all notifications.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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