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    Hello Vinny,
    We use bbPress and your bbPress Notify (No Spam) Reply by Email on our WP site. We also use Ultimate Member.
    Ultimate Member makes an extention that allows members to manage their subscriptions to Forums and Topics.
    Question; How would adding the Ultimate Member bbPress Extention effect bbPnns?

    Would having the “bbPress Forums Subscriptions Override” checked in WP Forums setup, override the members subscription choices? ie. Would it conflict?

    I’m wondering if purchasing the bbPress Ultimate Member extension would make it easier for members to manage their subscriptions to forums and topics?


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    Hi Don,

    I’m not familiar with that extension, but it would probably conflict in some way with bbpnns (like bbpnns sending messages to everyone regardless of the extension).

    I started working on a bridge for UM and Digests a while back but did not finish it. I could probably extend it to also cover that extension.


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