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      Tim Coventry

      “As a bonus, if a user needs to be logged in to read a topic or reply, the plugin will automatically present them with the login screen and redirect them back to the post after they log in.”

      How do I get this to work – is there a setting that needs to be put in place?

      I added the URL for logged-in and nonlogged-in users in the BBP Private Groups Setting. It will take me to the log in screen, but doesn’t redirect the user to the forum post afterwards.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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      Hi Tim,

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Your question got lost in the cracks.

      The [topic-url] tag will automatically be modified to force login and redirection if the forum is private via bbpress settings or via the Private Groups plugin.

      Can you provide a sample of the topic URL you get in the notification as well as the support information from bbpnns Support tab? Feel free to mark the reply as private or to send it via email to vinny [at] usestrict [dot] net.


Viewing 1 reply thread
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