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    Hello Vinny,
    We have been struggling with a problem since we installed bbpress Notify (No Spam)Reply by email, where people that use AOL, YAHOO, ATT or SBCGLOBAL have not been receiving their emails that the plugin sends out. If they have a GMAIL or other type email account, the emails are received immediately.

    At first we thought it was our hosting service however, they have moved our email server and site server to new servers and have checked everything they can to rectify this problem. They even gave us a new IP address (clean and checked for blacklisting) I’m now thinking that it must be something in the plugin that is making AOL, YAHOO, ATT or SBCGLOBAL reject the messages. They do not even make it to SPAM. They just never show up.

    What else is there to check?

    [provider] => gmail
    [type] => imap
    [host] =>
    [port] => 993
    [ssl] => SSL
    [recipient] => ***REDACTED***
    [username] => ***REDACTED***
    [password] => ***REDACTED***
    [delete_read_messages] => 1
    [last_message_epoch] => 1525012346
    [allow_images] => 1
    [allow_html] => 1
    [max_upload_size] => 150
    [max_upload_unit] => KB
    [max_upload_total_size] => 2
    [max_upload_total_unit] => MB
    [smtp_host] =>
    [smtp_port] => 465
    [smtp_ssl] => SSL
    [smtp_auth] => 1
    [smtp_username] => ***REDACTED***
    [smtp_password] => ***REDACTED***
    [check_method] => webhook
    [check_frequency] => 1
    [trigger_url_key] => ***REDACTED***
    [is_complete] => 1
    [server_port_accessible] => 1
    [connection_test] => 1

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    Hi Don,

    The Reply By Email add-on doesn’t actually send out any messages. All the
    sending is done by the bbpnns plugin. The SMTP settings in the RBE add-on
    are only for testing purposes to make sure that the receiving account
    supports plus aliases.

    How is your site set up for outgoing messages? Are you using some kind of
    SMTP plugin/server or is it the native PHP mailer that comes with the
    hosting account?

    I’d recommend setting up as SMTP for mailouts (it’s what I have
    for all my sites). You can then check the Mailgun logs to see what happened
    to those messages that aren’t reaching their final destination.


    Vinny Alves
    UseStrict Consulting
    WordPress Plugins and Services

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    Our hosting service set up a dedicated mail smtp. That has resolved the problem of mail not being delivered to AOL, Yahoo, ATT and SBCGlobal email addresses. We have to pay an additional fee for this service but at least the mail is getting through.

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    Hi Don, is free for up to 10k emails/month, and really cheap after that. You can get estimates here:

    It may be cheaper than what you’re currently paying for the dedicated SMTP server.


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