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Please don’t remove it.I’ll be frank here. The only prlebom I am having with eShop, or have ever had with eShop, is that the only merchant gateway I can use with it is the Paypal one. There are the other gateways, sure, but none of them are viable or, in the case of one, will approve my account based on numbers. I need Google checkout and wepay. A lot. But I also am smart enough to watch your development and remember when you looked into adding the Google gateway and determined it would be too costly.Beyond that one hitch, I absolutely love my eShop. The theme works great. It looks great. Adding items is a breeze. You allow sales for downloadable products, as well as the option to give an item away for free. I’ve tried a LOT of other shop plugins, and the only other one that matched what I’m looking for charged too much a month. You don’t charge anything. You only ask for donations. Those that can’t be bothered to tell you more than couldn’t get it to work ? Chances are they just aren’t computer savvy to begin with. Couldn’t get it to work was probably all they even knew how to give you for input. It’s kind of My bone is broken and you’re asked which part? The tibula or the fibula? and you can only say ummm my leg somewhere. I wish my shop made actual money, because I’d give you the donations your plug in deserves. I wish I had money, period. LOL. Hang in there. You’ve done a fabulous thing.