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Hi Marie,

I just logged in and checked your bbpnns settings. bbpnns is not set up to email anyone upon new topics or replies.

I thought it might have been a missed conversion from 1.x to 2.x but running a force conversion did not trigger it.

There are two options:

  1. You can look for the records bbpnns_v2_conversion_complete and bbpress_notify_newtopic_email_subject in the options database table and, if both are there, delete the bbpnns_v2_conversion_complete one so I can re-run the forced conversion; or
  2. You can simply set up the bbpnns rules again: select roles to receive the notifications, and/or click to override subscriptions to forums and topics (in the topics and replies tabs, respectively)

Doing the second option will start to trigger bbpnns notifications, which are required by the Digests add-on (it does not control the notification rules, it only queues the messages and sends them out in the selected frequency).