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Julia Reyes

I didn’t have the “page not found error” in my previous testing, but I think I was logged in. Here’s what is happening now.

1. Create new participant user. Add to group using front end of BBP private groups.
2. Check that default settings for participant are correct in participant front end (yes, Allow all, opt-out link unsubscribes to topic/reply threads).
3. Create new topic or post new reply in forum. Value created for participant in database (bbpnns_unsubscribe_key)
4. Click on link in participant email (logged out from website).
5. Return “Page not found” error. http://employersforumindiana.org/conversations/reply/2286/?bbpnns-opt-out=1&key=8f0163cc0fb72cd3a84136669ecb9798&n=5a3181d9b38f5&t=r&f=1328
6. Check database. No values have changed.
7. Create another topic or reply in thread I was trying to unsubscribe to. Participant still gets emails.

Tried this in both chrome and firefox.

Let me know if you need more info or will log in.