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Julia Reyes

I’m having some (maybe new) issues now.

1. When my settings for the link were to “block all”, I clicked the direct link in the email. In the database, my opt out setting was set to one, but my front end setting did not change (_bbpnns_opt_out_user_prefs ?). So when I saved my profile again from the front end, I inadvertently reset my notifications to allow all.

2. The direct opt-out links when set to “unsubscribe from forum/topic” are not working. (Let me know if you need more detail).

Also, I understand that some users might want to use the opt-out link behavior on the front end. However, I think it is too confusing for most users who are unfamiliar with forums. (Most of my users). Can you put an option in the admin settings to hide it (just the opt-out link setting) for users on the front-end? If not, I can just put display none.