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Hi Julie,

1. If I choose “Allow all notifications”, when a new user registers, they will get all notifications. But, if I have not chosen their role to receive notifications in the forum settings, they will not receive notifications.

‘Allow all notifications’ actually means ‘Allow all notifications that are addressed to me’. If nothing is addressed to ‘me’, then I won’t get any notifications. If I subscribe to a thread (forum or topic, to receive notifications of topics or replies, respectively), then I’m letting those go through. If my role is checked by the admin, then I’ll get those, too.

When I visit an existing users profile, I see the following settings as in the attached. So if the visitor goes and updates anything on their profile, they in inadvertently block notifications. Basically, this setting in the users profile does not match the default setting in the admin. Same is true for a new user.

Nothing was attached.

The default setting is only for new registers. Existing registers will convert based on the old settings. If Global blocking was enabled, then everything is blocked. Otherwise everything is allowed.

Ok, I understand the setting in the admin. But in the user’s profile… ? If they go in and choose “Unsubscribe from thread” what thread are they unsubscribed from?

The get unsubscribed from the thread that generated the notification. If it was a notification of a new topic (because the user is subscribed to the forum), then they’ll no longer get any notifications from that forum. If the notification was about a new reply in a topic (because they subscribed to the topic), then they’ll no longer get any new notifications about new replies in that topic.

Basically, the script unsubscribes the user from whatever they had subscribed. It uses the core bbpress functionality.

I hope this helps, and I do accept suggestions of verbiage that will make things clearer :).