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Hi rgueron,

bbpnns features 2 types of notifications:

  1. Role-based notifications, where all users from the selected roles will receive the emails
  2. Core Subscription-based notifications, where only people who clicked the ‘Notify me…’ in the topic receive notifications

It’s important to understand this for the remainder of this message…

I checked the code and ran a few tests. Is your user subscribed to the topic via the core subscriptions? If so, then the opt-out will let him/her receive the message, as it acts only to block role-based notifications.

Your question gives me the idea of adding a setting of how opt-out should work. I would add the following options:

  1. Allow only notifications regarding topics/replies the user has explicitly subscribed to (this is the default functionality)
  2. Block all notifications regarding topics/replies

Can you tell me a bit more about how you are testing this? Does this explanation shed some light on your case?