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#1 – with the fix both the digest and the instant notifications should filter out the groups the user is not allowed to see?


Also, I don’t see any update for the bridge. I’ve hit the check for updates several times and my keys say “activated”…

You’ll find the update available now. The update api plugin is ‘tricky’ to say the least. There is a bug that I’ve already reported and it got me. I’ve applied the workaround.

due to my lack of PHP knowledge

You sure could have fooled me 🙂

So, $this->subscribers comes from the filter bbpnns_core_subscribers, which is applied in bbpnns. It passes the $subscribers array which was fetched either by bbp_get_topic_subscribers( $topic_id ) or bbp_get_forum_subscribers( $forum_id )

Because it is an array of user_ids, I call array_flip so I can have the IDs as keys of an associative array – it is faster/easier to check for isset() on an associative array than to traverse the whole array looking for IDs. The actual value doesn’t really matter, unless it’s null, which isn’t the case.

When the digest runs (meaning sends out emails), it shouldn’t even be hitting that code, but if it is, it doesn’t matter. It only cares about what is in the notification queue table. The enqueuing of the message in the table is done when the new topic/reply is created.

I hope that clarifies it. If you still have problems after updating the Private Groups plugin, let’s do a skype chat so you can show me your checks and even more details of what’s happening and what you expect.

I’ll send you my skype name via email.