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Julia Reyes


Regarding #2. Trying to do some testing. I have only one user receiving notifications set to:

Enable Forum Digests (Daily)
Enable Instant Notifications
Disable Global notifications

They are subscribed to the new topics in 1 forum.

I’m working on the file:
bbpnns-opt-out/includes/controller/recipients.class.php in the function filter_recipients.

When the new topic is created: $this->subscribers[$recipient_id] is set (looks like to 0).

When the digest is run, $this->subscribers[$recipient_id] is NULL, thereby removing the user from the list, even though they do in fact have subscriptions.

That’s as far as I could get. I don’t understand where $this->subscribers comes from (purely, due to my lack of PHP knowledge) and why it’s different on the instant notifications vs the digest.