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Ok, so this is what I’m seeing…

1) User is set to receive global notifications (no specific subscriptions set). User enables daily forum digest and ‘still get notified…’.
Outcome: Receives instant notification on ALL posts. (Bad, receiving notification on forum he is not part of).

I’ll fix this by increasing the priority of the Private Groups Bridge filter to make it greater than the digests. This will result in the Private Groups Bridge removing the recipients from the list after the Digests have done their thing.

2) User opts out of global notifications. Digest is enabled and is subscribed to specific forums.
Outcome: User does not receive a digest, even when there is activity on his specific subscriptions.

This I can’t replicate as the Opt-out runs with priority PHP_INT_MAX (the maximum possible priority, after Digests and Private Groups have run). It does not touch subscribers, though. It captures all subscribers for the forum/topic and checks if a) they have opted out globally, and b) if they are not in the subscribers list and only then removes them from the list.

Can you double-check this scenario after applying the fix for issue 1 (which will be made available momentarily)?