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Hi Julia,

Thanks for reaching out!

So I think if I do the following I can acheive this?
-Check override subscriptions to forums and topics
-Uncheck ALL “Forum/Topic Recipient Roles”
-Edit the forum/topic email subject and body for immediate notifications
-Edit the Digest Email Body for digests ([digest-list] will then only show the forums/topics the users has manually subscribed to?)

You’re absolutely right. The overrides are a feature of bbpnns, not the digest plugin. It basically pulls up the list of people who checked the checkbox to receive notifications of new topics added to a given forum, or new replies to a given topic (depending on which one you use). It then short-circuits the core bbpress notification logic and uses the bbpnns template instead.

The Digests are able to hook into that notification and deal with the message according to the user’s preferences (whether to be immediately notified and also whether to hold the message in the digest queue until the next digest mailout).

checking the override buttons will disable the BBpress notifications and only send emails to the recipient roles I have selected. So if I selected no roles, nobody would get the notifications even if they had subscribed themselves to forums/topics?

NOT checking the overrides would cause self-subscribers to not receive the bbpnns templates, but the core bbPress notification instead. Selecting no roles and no overrides options pretty much disables bbpnns altogether.

I hope this helps!