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Hi Francoise,

Question 1 – We are waiting anxiously for the nest version for the following points, could you please confirm me that those will be included:
– not having duplicate titles for the replies
– being able to set default settings – or let me know where we could do that. We would like:
Receive Notifications No
Forum Digest Preferences Daily
Maintain Global Notifications No

Regarding not having duplicate titles for the replies, this is tricky as bbpress, by default, doesn’t let you create a reply title. I’m thinking about how to handle it.

For default settings, you can set the default frequency in Settings > Forums > Email Notifications > Default Digests Frequency. Maintain Global Notifications is “No” by default, and Receive Notifications is just another wording for Maintain Global Notifications.

Speaking of different wording, I’m working on changing that to make it clearer.

Question 2 -Could you tell me also where I can customize the css for the emails ? We would like to make the titles (Forum names, topic and replies titles) a little smaller.

That’ll be available in the next version (hopefully over the next 2 days).

Question 3 – how are we notified of a new version ?

Just like you’re notified of any new version for regular plugins. It’s tied into the WP Admin.