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Hi Vinny,

Hope you are well.

Thanks for the previous version via e-mail, I have got it installed now v1.1.

I have a small question for you.

Basically I have two groups created via bbPrivategroups.

Group 1 should receive e-mail notification of new topics and replies for group 1 only.

The same applies for group 2.

I use bbPress Notify (No-Spam) along with your cool plugin bbPress Notify (No-Spam)/Private Groups Bridge to help me accomplish this.

Many thanks for sorting the e-mail link to determine and direct users based on whether they are logged in or not, however I have not been able to test it out yet as for some reason no e-mails are sent upon new topic creation or the addition of reply’s for either group our user role.

Any ideas why this could be, a setting I have missed somewhere in forum settings maybe?

The forum is live at the minute, so I can provide you with a login to the site if you wish to have a quick look at my settings if you would not mind