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Hi Vinny,

I’m always a fan of simple 🙂 So I did an assessment of my situation and realized that it was far more likely the emails were sending but being blocked somehow than the idea that some were sending and some weren’t.

So yesterday for my POP3 account I loosened the spam controls – thinking that would perhaps allow the POP3 email to be delivered.

Then today, at the usual time, I received both the gmail and POP3 emails that have gone missing over the past several days.

So – now I don’t know what to think because I did nothing to affect the gmail – and it still arrived.

That said – there’s no sense in spending time going through all your handsprings listed above because first – I don’t really understand them (!) and second – because I’m getting the emails.

I’ll be back in touch if they stop again. I thank you for being so quick to respond and with actual suggestions – even if I’m not going to use them today 🙂