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Anne Mitchell


In addition to making sure that you have SPF and DKIM set up correctly, there are a number of things which can cause the email that you send to end up in the spam folder. For example, the content of your email (if your site deals with a topic that is considered to be a sign of spam in email – such as certain medical products, gaming, etc.), the reputation (or even name) of your domain, the text:image ration, and so on and so on. Or it could be as simple as you don’t have rDNS set up properly (we have a tool where you can check your rDNS here: http://www.isipp.com/free-tools/do-i-have-rdns-set-up/ ) or your being blacklisted (you can read more about and check that here: http://www.isipp.com/resources/am-i-blacklisted/ )

Are these going to the spam folder at just one provider (say, Gmail), or across many different providers?


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