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Vinny – so here is the good news: adding the bridge does work, and now my members can select the digests option if they want to – great. Love it. now we’ll have to see if the digests actually get delivered…

I’m glad to hear you’re seeing the fields in the right places.

Question: for the people who are already members – what happens to the choices they have already made? (on a per topic basis) – if they now choose digests, will this override their previous choices? or?

bbpNNS sends out global messages, separately from the notifications in the core. The add-on plugins build on bbpNNS. bbPress added per-topic notifications in version 2.5 and it’s in my plans to try to integrate the 2 better. For now, digests can’t capture the per-topic notifications immediate mailouts like it does for bbpNNS, but I’ll be working on it. What Digests does capture is every single topic or reply that gets created (including the ones people are subscribed to), as long as that user’s role (or group, in case of BuddyPress groups) is set to receive notifications.

Also – do I have any way of determining what date or time of day those digests get delivered? I can’t find anything that indicates I do. (I’ll go back and read other people’s posts here to see if this is answered.)

Please read the Documentation. It’s all there.

Now – the not-so-good news is that no – I am not getting a notice when you update here. I do get a notice when I have responded to you that just shows me what I wrote, but nothing comes in when you have updated the conversation. I have checked off the “notify me of follow-up replies” box below – but still nothing.

I’m thinking this might be related to the Support plugin that I’m using. I’ll investigate. Thanks for letting me know.