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Dominic Conrad

Hi Vinny

“It should just be a few clicks.” OK, I see what you mean now – trouble is that the bbPNNS work is only about 20% of the work ive done on staging!

RE: But how do i ‘update’ the profile of all pre-existing members on the website so that they are also subscribed to all forums/topics and replies?

You said ‘You Dont’ – the trouble is I need them (existing and new) to be subscribed to all forums – and then give them the option to unsubscribe from individual forums themselves from their profile > subscriptions screen/page.

I take it The MP bridge looks to see if a user is subscribed to a particular forum (as well as having access rights) before notifying them of topics/replies?

The whole point of this task/project (and why i’ve integrated bbNNS & the MP bridge) is to increase user forum engagement by a) Having all users be subscribed to all forums/topics/replies at a given common time, b) ensure they dont get notified of topics/replies they cant access and c) show them then how to unsubscribe from any forums/topics they don’t need to hear from.

Am i going about this the wrong way? Is there a better way…..?