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Hi Dominic,

From your last reply ‘….just apply the config changes manually in the settings screens, as they should be simple’ – the settings screen for what? The user’s profile or are you referring to bbPNNS config screens?

I meant that instead of copying the staging site over onto production, just apply whatever settings changes you made in staging manually in production. It should just be a few clicks.

bbPNNS and the MP bridge helps me out with subscribing new members to all forums.

Not really. You would tell bbpnns to load every single user as a recipient via the role setting, and the Bridge will then weed out the ones that cannot receive notifications.

But how do i ‘update’ the profile of all pre-existing members on the website so that they are also subscribed to all forums/topics and replies?

You don’t. Just set bbpnns to load everyone having ‘subscriber’ role in the role settings. The bridge will do the rest.

Also, the link you provided to https://memberpress.com/addons/bbpress/ doesn’t recommend anything specific to help with my scenario – it’s just a forum topic at bbPress – bizarre how Memberpress have linked to it actually.

The download is available from Memberpress’ downloads section after you log in (you need to have an active Memberpress license).