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Konrad Noworyta

Hi Vinny,

I appreciate your quick reply! No worries about oAuth – I just wasn’t sure if everything is OK with the plugin itself (outdated version, etc).

The issue is now with Google. After 3 days of back and forth with Google Workspace Support, I am still not able to use App Passwords with any account other than Super Admin. Regular users don’t have that option at all. Two independent Google Support agents checked and confirmed that all settings mentioned in the article you linked are OK and I was told that “this option needs to be enabled by higher tier support”. They then asked for my permission and told me to “check in 2-3 hours”. That was 3 days ago and still no success.

Since you mentioned that you’re using Workspace yourself, could you please check if the App Password option is available for both Admins and regular Users in your account?

I was able to install and get the plugin to work with a regular, “personal” password for that user. However, I see that you don’t recommend that and it “will cause problems” – can you elaborate on that please?

Thank you for your great work and support!