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Dominic Conrad

Also, regrading your answer to Q4) I just disabled ‘Automatically subscribe new users to all forums.’ option for a new test pilot registration and they aren’t subscribed to ANY forums!

The main point of using bbNPSS is to initially force subscribe new members to forums that they are allowed access to. So is there an in-between option/solution whereby they are subscribed to only the School Food forum? i.e. only 1 of the 12 forums?

Or, to ensure initial engagement with the forums by both memberships (regular members get access to ALL forums, School Food members get access to only School Food forum), should I keep ‘Automatically subscribe new users to all forums.’ enabled in the knowledge that the Memberpress Bridge will prevent the school food group getting email notifications about topics/replies relating to the other 11 forums?

If there is no ‘in-between’ solution, when we then explain how they go about unsubscribing from specific forms/topics/ – we can explain that force subscribing was an all-or nothing feature and they need not worry about the other 11 forum subscriptions as they wont be getting and email notifications relating to those.

Appreciate your thoughts on this dilema.