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Hi Dominic,

Thanks for reaching out.

> Can you provide some more detail on what it enables the end user to do in their account profile, compared to what they’d see/get just using just bbPNNS on it’s own?

The Memberpress bridge will add Digests and Opt-out items to the Memberpress nav bar (if the add-ons are installed).

> I was under the impression that if a membership restricted users to seeing/using specific bbPress forums, then these members would not receive topic/reply notifications from those restricted forum topics/relies. Is this the case?

Yes, that is how it works. bbPress needs to be set up via role-based notifications (e.g. add Subscriber role to get everyone), and then the Memberpress bridge will check if the selected users have access to the forum that triggered the notification. It drops users who don’t have access.

Other than setting up the role-based notification in bbpnns, there is nothing else that needs to be done. You can see the Memberpress bridge in action by using the Dry Run tool under bbpnns > Settings > Support tab.